Saturday, June 11, 2011

{The NYC Adventure}

Ok, so in all honesty, this is my first attempt at ever making a video...
I wanted to learn how to use iMovie, so I thought I'd start out fiddling around with some old clips from an NYC trip.

Things to take note of:
1. These were taken with a really old point-and-shoot camera
2. We took the trip 2 summers ago (hence the blonde hair and baby faces)
3. Again, this is my first try... so it's gonna be a little rough
4. I am aware that the last song has been WAY overused,
but I couldn't help myself... I still love it

Hope you enjoy!

PS: Court and Jamie...if you see this, I really miss you guys - and this trip! XOXO


Pam said...

Way COOL! Love it...I want to be talented like you :)

Jamie said...

hahahaha chels, first of all this was thee funnest trip EVER! second, im sorry im so sassy ha. third, i miss you! <3

Jacque said...

Fantastic job :) I am so jealous your learning how to do things like this!