Thursday, June 16, 2011

{More Love - a week in review}

For those of you who follow me on twitter, you've probably already seen a majority of these photos, but for those of you who don't... here's my week in review:

I've come to the realization that I'm addicted to red lipstick.
I'll try to leave the house without it (fooling myself that it's not necessary), but as soon as I get to work, I rush to the bathroom to apply. And like a fix, I immediately feel relief rush through me. I'm ready for the day!
It's crazy, I know,
but I just feel so much more confident with as opposed to without...

Just another Diet Coke pic for ya... my second love [addiction] after the lipstick.
Oh, and my hair's getting a little longer... Hallelujah

I got to see Les Mis for the first time ever.
It was absolutely incredible... and I now understand why it's my Dad's favorite;
new beginnings, faith, kindness, overcoming social stratification, patriotism, love, promises and duty, not to mention the moving music that brought me to tears.
I loved it all

The ragamuffin dolls... they each got a slushy for helping with my room on Saturday

Sassy and I at my Grammy and Grampy's 50th anniversary... but more on that later!

We read THE HELP (by Kathryn Stockett) for the book club some friends and I have recently started. The story was interesting, and very well-written. I'm so excited to see the movie in August (I heart Emma Stone!)

Our hostess (Morgan) created a beautiful spread (and added to the ambiance with some music from the 30's and 40's). It was very well done, and she's definitely set the bar high (it's my turn next month!) We all appreciated the effort she put in to make the night special.

I also had to read THE DREAM MANAGER (By Matthew Kelly) for my team at work. I highly, HIGHLY recommend everyone grab a copy... it'll make you recognize how much you've stopped dreaming... and then force you to question "why?"
I promise it will change your life (if you let it)

I'll leave off on a more humorous note...
That arm (yes, it's an arm) in the middle is mine. The other two are of my coworkers (Kara and Judi) who are fortunate enough to be able to tan.

Nooooo, I don't mind being white as a ghost! In fact, I enjoy blinding people ;)
Jk Jk... but sometimes, I really do wish I could get a lil color.

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LaNae said...

It's good to be white--think about how odd you would look in our family pictures if you were lucky enough to be tan!