Friday, October 5, 2012

{Oh Happy Weekend!}

I am beyond relieved that it's the weekend! These past few days marked the beginning of what BYU students refer to as "midterms" up here. (What boggles my mind is that they're only the first round of major exams... so they should be called tri-terms, or something...) anyway, whatever, they sucked! I actually had to study for real, and still feel nervous about the pending results. I have more next week, but for THIS here weekend, I'm taking a break! I'm excited to be able to listen to General Conference and the inspired messages that will be shared: a welcome comfort from the stress of the everyday.

The above pictures are from the weekend Sass came to visit (COME BACK) and recent Fall sightings around town. I would go on about how I miss my family, but I'm heading down there next weekend for Chlo-Bo's baptism. (Our last one... I'm only slightly nostalgic, swear!)

*I've been feeling extremely grateful for the wonderful friends I've gotten the opportunity to know and love throughout the past years. I've been tremendously blessed, and am thankful for the individuals who've taught and inspired me, whom I can still call or text and have random, wonderful conversations with as if not a day's gone by since we saw each other, who still make arrangements to meet up when I'm in town, and who remind me of the person I am, even when I'm a state away, or two, and am having to start all over (again). You know who you are...*

In other news, I found this gem on my computer just today! haha! Thanks girlies, for the good laugh.


LaNae said...

Less than a week-- Hurry home;)

jamiebarazoto said...

AHH you're coming home! Let me bring you froyo for a few minutes. I won't steal your time from your family for too long. :)
love you xoxo