Wednesday, August 31, 2011


This is my best sister-friend Cassie
(also known as Sassy - which she is, or Sassandra when I'm feeling serious)

Yesterday was her 17th birthday!
(my! how time flies!)

I don't feel like Sass and I are 4 years apart... more like twins of the same age (obviously).
She's just as mature as me (if not more so)
She's kind, silly, and can make me laugh until it hurts
(which happens on a daily basis)

We spend hours upon hours with each other and I never get bored.

Sass is super stylish. She's been a hippie at heart since the age of six (not one of these hipsters who just jumped on the bandwagon). For instance: when we were younger, my mom wanted to redecorate the house, and she let us choose the themes for our rooms, Sass chose to paint her walls a bright lime green with these psychedelic tie-dye wallpaper squares and multi-colored bead strings instead of a door. She knows the Beatles songs (and history) better than anyone, she's artistic and creative, she's an amazing dancer and cheerleader, she makes everyone feel good about themselves, and she's my best friend.

Happy Birthday Sass...
I'll miss you more than you know up at school


LaNae said...

I hope this next week goes by very very slowly! Are you sure you have to go?

sassy said...

ahhh chelzz belzz i didnt know you wrote this!! i just started crying all over again haha i know i am lame but i miss you alot! just come home... everytime i come home i walk back to your room and realize your not there...( this also happens when i have nothing to wear haha)i love you!