Tuesday, March 15, 2011

{Got Happy?}

Some friends and I used to do "happy lists" via email to brighten up the work day.
Now, the listings didn't have to be big or meaningful - just small, everyday occurrences that brought happiness...
I figured I could continue the tradition on my blog... even if it's only for the nurture of my own PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)

1. Drive-Ins for FHE last night
2. Ordering an adorable case for my iPhone (it should come in today!)
3. Chantz getting his mission call (Tampa, Spanish-speaking)
4. Twitter... seriously people, HOP ON BOARD... it's so much fun :)
5. Warm weather and AZ sunshine
6. Time spent with a special someone
7. Walks in the evening
8. Friends who listen
9. Formulating my plans for the future...
10. A family that makes everyday exciting (there ARE 9 of us...)

I would L.O.V.E to hear some of the things that make you happy...


1 comment:

LaNae said...

I know you will miss all the excitement of our family trip--or at least we will miss you!!