Saturday, June 9, 2012

{a little dose of dork}

So, I got myself some Rihanna nails (that's what I'm referring to them as) this weekend. Chelsi convinced me to go with her, and then I got this intense desire for some dark cheetah nails (they're kinda hard to see in the picture). They're so ridiculously impractical and out there... I've already had a fair share of comments from complete strangers haha... but it's like the kids are saying... YOLO, right?

LOVE her hair, and this quote (see above picture of nails...)

 Also, I have a bit of an infatuation with Eddie Redmayne.
The crush first started when I saw him in The Other Boleyn Girl, and continued with My Week with Marilyn (although I would have been obsessed with that movie even if he wasn't in it) and finally, there's this...

Please tell me you're as excited as I am!! Gah... amazing. 
But if that doesn't do it for you... maybe this will...

I'm seriously in full dork mode right now... totally geeking out.


Kiersten Hart said...

LOVE the Great Gatsby! Leo is so hot!

Chelsi (BFF) said...

Yea YOLO til you break two of your nails!!