Saturday, June 2, 2012


  1. Easter in AZ with the fam (and lil Lizzie)
  2. Chelsi made my birthday extra special, and the flowers bloomed just in just in time too!
  3. Rexburg is picturesque in May and filled with lots of road-trip outings.
  5. Diet Coke got me all the way to my 2nd trip to AZ where I went to a wedding...
  6. and saw Carlee's last orchestra concert, and Sass's graduation...
  7. and hung with the Clay-Bird a lot...
  8. and saw friends and just missed the girl's dance recital, but not to worry! Mom updates me with pics.
  9. I took a road-trip to Provo to get things ready for the Fall... UT is even more beautiful than ID!
  10. But alas, Idaho welcomed me back with open arms, blue skies, and lots of green grass :)

I really just want this semester to be over already. My brain knows it's summer, so it thinks I'm playing a cruel joke -- and in retaliation, it just sends me pictures (and memories) of BBQs and watermelon and lake-trips and shorts and sleeping in and staying up late (oh wait, I still stay up late... some things never change, right Mom?) So you get the picture...


PS... I'm really grateful for the wonderful friends I have in my life. I don't know how I'd get through things without them. (You know who you are)

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