Tuesday, June 12, 2012

{Because Ignorance is Not Bliss...}

I want to share something that is very important to me.
It goes along the lines of this --
Charity, the true, pure love of Christ, is the most important characteristic a person can have.

And I know we all have a right to a difference of opinions on any and every matter.

But here's the thing... I wish more people would think about the fact that there's a human being behind the mean remark you make.
Whether they hear you or not...
you're talking about another child of God.
It's not our place, or right to judge them.

I've shared this with everyone I care about, because I think it's that important. And I'm grateful that this film has inspired empathy and understanding (at some level). You may have seen it already, and you may have read about THIS too. But for those who haven't....
I ask you to watch and read with Charity in your heart...

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LaNae said...

Sometimes it takes a long time for people to change--hopefully soon!