Monday, March 5, 2012

{The Scenic Route}

So, my latest obsession involves, a car, another Chelsi, Diet coke, snacks, good music, and beautiful views. I figure if I can't road-trip it to Cali with the AZ natives, the least I can do is enjoy what beauty there is here in Idaho... The pics below were taken through a window (hence the low quality) and don't have any kind of filter on them! It's not AZ, or Cali for that matter, but it's so different from what I'm used to, and the colors are so gorgeous! Another bonus, is that these drives really help with the stress of school.

***BTW, I felt the sun on my skin for the first time in MONTHS this past Sunday as I was walking into church. It felt so good, and gave me hope that I'll make it through the rest of this semester from Hell. It's the little things, right?


LaNae said...

wow--Long Hair!!!

Pam said... a road trip to my house!

Daisy said...

these photos are so pretty and calming.