Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{What I Learned Today...}

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like your brain is on hyper-drive from being overloaded with such good, eye-opening information?

Yeah, today was one of those days, and I don't want to forget anything!

1. (From my Sociological Explorations class) The Sociological Imagination is a state of mind - wherein one isn't complacent with the reality presented to them by the "big social forces" in life. It's a state of mind where you recognize the significance history plays in molding the current milieu you interact with on an everyday basis. It's realizing that in order to understand yourself, and your part in history, you must put in the effort to educate yourself and exercise your brain - like any other muscle. (Even typing this is making mine hurt, and I've only just scratched the tip of this metaphorical iceberg!)

2. (from my Social Stratification class) The analysis of social-class is one of the last standing taboos in today's society, because the increasing polarization of individuals discourages one from peering into the murky water of our culture in order to better understand just how stratified we are.

3. (from my New Testament class)
  • BAR in Hebrew = Son
  • ABBAS = Father
So, Christ, the literal son of God, The Father, suffered and died so that WE, the sons and daughters of The Father (symbolized by the sinner, Barabbas) are forgiven, despite our sins... because Christ's sacrifice frees us.

  • GETH in Hebrew = Press
  • SEMANE = Oil
So, Christ atoned in the garden of Gethsemane, or the garden of the oil press. To get oil from olives (another great symbolic item in the scriptures) you crush a vat full with a giant stone... just as Christ was symbolically crushed with the sins of the world, until he bled.

Dallin H. Oaks gave a talk about blessings (for more information about my church, go HERE), in which he explained the 5 different parts:
  1. Exercise Faith
  2. anoint with consecrated oil (the blood of Christ) - the most important part
  3. Seal
  4. Words (Per Oaks, these are for the comfort of those receiving, the actual blessing has already been sealed.)
  5. Will of the Lord
*The exception would be Father's or Patriarchal blessings, or those who hold keys for revelation

So, we are healed by the symbolic blood of our Savior.

4. (Per my Juvenile Delinquency class, in which we were visited by a group of teenage boys who attend the correction center in the next county over)
  • Peer counseling is more effective than psychological, self-mediating. (for adolescents)
  • when held accountable for their actions by peers (those who understand and are going through/have gone through similar struggles), they feel the need to raise their expectations of themselves to better the mini-society they've created with each other.
  • These kids, who've made mistakes, are very, very intelligent... and have been made more so by this new PPC (Positive Peer Culture) program.
  • Many of these guys have been to other correction centers (previously) and like this one the best - they say it's been the most effective in helping them realize the impact they have on themselves, and more importantly, those who love and care about them... and the BEST part, was listening to them explain how this program has helped each one realize that there are people out there who actually care, and are concerned for their well-being.
  • EVERY SINGLE one of them said they can trace their mistakes to the feelings of loneliness, low self-worth, lack of a role-model, and a loss of self to the disintegration of their nuclear family, primarily when it concerned their parents.
  • I'm so glad to be majoring in Sociology, and to have a future working with children who need care and concern. It makes my future look bright :)

(Are you feeling overloaded? Because I sure do... in a good way though. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.)

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