Wednesday, November 9, 2011

{A Magical Vacation}

As you all know, last weekend was the annual Oliver Family Disneyland trip... I can't tell you how excited I was to see my family (minus Sass and Chantz) and how sad I was to see it end. But, we had a fabulous time together for a few days, and it's only two more weeks 'till I see them again at the cabin for Thanksgiving :)

Friday was rainy (good for wait time, bad for our image haha) and Saturday wasn't too crowded either. We lucked out this year (besides the fact that my favorite ride, Pirates, was down for construction, boo.) The three little beloveds did so well in their dance performance - I can't believe how old they're getting!!

Clay-Bird and I were so excited to hear that One Republic was having a concert Saturday night!!
Who doesn't love a free concert??

Unfortunately, this is what I had to come back to...

Until next year!!


LaNae said...

You got some great pictures and....I love Disneyland!!

Pam said...

Was it cold? Oh, I love the pictures by the way. Your family is just way to cute.