Wednesday, November 2, 2011

{A Lack of Happenings Round These Parts...}

Yes, last weekend was Halloween... and even though I love the holiday, I didn't do much this year. I think Halloween is more fun when you're with kids.

I did get to watch two of my favorite Halloween movies though (Nightmare Before Christmas and Hocus Pocus) I'm glad my roomies were as down for these kid classics as I was.

My roommate Chelsi and I went to her family's house a few hours away from Rexburg... they were having their annual craft fair, so we manned the lemonade booth together. It was pretty fun, and there was a ton of cool stuff for sale (not to mention, the best homemade fudge I've ever had the pleasure of tasting!)

The little town was so picturesque (check out their beautiful backyard!) And being with Chelsi's family made me miss mine that much more (alliteration much? muahaha... ok, I'll stop)

BY THE WAY! Tomorrow is the day! The day I head out of Idaho (HALLELUJAH) and into California!!! It's time for the yearly Disneyland trip with la familia. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve!! Not just because Disneyland is my second favorite place in the world, but also because my favorite people IN the world will be there. (Minus Sassy, becuase of a cheer competition... don't even get me going on that one, I'll probably start crying... oh and Chantz because well, yeah, he's on a mission and all...)

(From last year's adventure)

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LaNae said...

I can't wait! We will definitely miss Cass and Chantz but just think--on the plus side there will be more mickey mouse bread to eat!(trying to be positive)