Thursday, October 6, 2011

{Instagram Loivin'}

Updates, for those of you that don't Instagram :)

The amazing shake I had from Sammy's... there's a pumpkin cupcake blended in! NOM

My roommates are as in love with gossip/fashion magazines as I am... they make the rounds in this house!

The best card I've ever received in the mail (which is, by the way, my favorite form of communication) - Thanks Kara!!

It's been raining here... and I love it!!! (first snow was last night, huzzah!)

The all time, best Fall movie... and I cry at this part... every time! (such a sap)

I had to document the first boot-wearin' day!

Can you see the red leaves? They're hiding, but they're there!

My Halloween/October nails

Lastly: yesterday it was raining (hard) but I had to go to the job fair for one of my classes. They said "business attire" so I (happily) donned my new trench coat! I was so excited :)

(however, I was less excited about hiking the hill in my heels, while it was raining... but I just couldn't sacrifice the whole outfit because my feet hurt... so hike in heels, I did!)

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