Thursday, September 22, 2011

{Mud... and Some Little Letters}

As you've all probably seen (via FB), I, Chelsey Oliver, participated in Mud Mayhem last Saturday. My roommates may have had to drag me the whole way there (rolling around in dirt is not my cup of tea), but it ended up being really fun... AND my team was one of the winners
(which made it all worth while)

I'm trying to be active and outgoing up here (since I really don't know anyone)... it's hard at times, but I've been blessed to have fabulous roommates. (Seriously, they're all nice, respectful, fun and different) I'll keep you posted if there are any more shenanigans that I participate in...

Also, a lot of bloggers do the "letters" post... I LOVE to read these, and thought I'd try one of my own:

Dear Friday (the 23rd) - you're the day "Fall" begins (or so my calendar says), and I'm so excited to experience you for real this year!

Dear Slanted Bed - I did not pay all this money to rent a room where I'm constantly rolling off you! I am sleep deprived and a little bit desperate... your last day is soon.

Dear Feet - you make me so proud! You're such troopers with all this hiking-in-heels I've put you through up here at BYU-I... I'm not sure how much more you can take, a break is in the near future, I promise!

Dear Kirsty - I am so excited to have found someone who's as obsessed with SATC as I am! Plus you're from London, so that makes you extra cool.

Dear Walmart Bike - I love you! Our rides around town are so much fun! Despite your cheap price tag, you're sturdy (and cute!) and I love experiencing the "crisp" weather together...

Dear Mom - Thanks for putting up with my moodiness and ALWAYS being willing to talk/listen. I love and miss you so much.

Dear Homework - I despise you... sitting over there in my pile of textbooks. My parents were right when they said BYU was the king of busy work, and you're the only proof I need!

Dear Idaho - although I had my doubts, you have a lot to offer... I'm keeping an open mind.


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LaNae said...

Dear Chelsey: I am so proud of you for actually playing in the mud!! (I bet you thought you would never hear me say that!) Can't wait to see you!