Friday, September 30, 2011

{Last Weekend... a Week Later}

I know it's already the weekend (again - Hallelujah!) but this one's going to be filled with homework, projects and General Conference...
last weekend was a lot more "active" shall we say.

The Londoner and I went the the apple orchard on campus (the have an apple orchard!! and it's in season!) This is where her fiance proposed (aww) and she wanted to make an apple pie for when he came into town... So we went and picked us some apples! (only .50 cents a pound)

They had every kind imaginable - and some I had never even heard of; including my favorite, the Coop. It's literally spicy! like apple cider, or a fall candle, and it was SO GOOD!

Later that night we went on a bike ride down to Sammy's - a little diner that has local musicians play on the weekend- with our friend Lance. The weather is so nice here right now, and we can get anywhere and everywhere on our bikes - one of my favorite parts of living in a small town.

Hope everyone has a happy Friday!

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