Wednesday, September 14, 2011

{The Journey - In Color}

As you all know, last week I made the grand move up to Idaho to finish up school. My car was stuffed (literally), the drive was long (although, thanks to my mom, it wasn't bad at all), and the bathroom/treat stops were many... I had so much fun getting things all set up and spending quality time with my best friend. She's truly an amazing person, and has really let me lean on her during this transition (well, she does that all the time, but I've needed some extra support recently).

Without further ado:

Le Car: 6 inches lower to the ground than usual ;)

So long AZ... I'll miss your sunshine

Oh hey Mom! (settin' things up)

Cutting out my favorite calendar to make wall decorations...

The Rexburg temple... beautiful, and on a hill that overlooks the whole town!

My house... as seen previously!

Ps... the crazy desk setup is due to the fact that I have the blessing of working for Infusionsoft while I'm up here! This company continues to amaze me...


Jillian Bratcher Photography said...

love the flower pictures!! i see you are playing with the settings?!? :)

ps. i am so happy that you are all settled in/i love the clothing rack!! LOL


Kiersten Hart said...

Can you come to Australia and decorate my house please??

Hope you're enjoying your new adventure! Love u!