Saturday, July 30, 2011

{For the Record}

Hear ye! Hear ye!
(this is mainly for Sassy)
I have now worn the black jumper! There are pictures to prove it, so stop asking me to give it to you since you can no longer claim I "never wear it!"


Also, I love awkward pictures that are taken while people are talking...
even if it's me.


Kjohnson said...

Cute much? Um yes I think so. Also can it just be stated that you wear EVERYTHING I wish I was brave enough to wear? Ugh I love your style!

LaNae said...

I'm so happy to see it--you look great! Sorry Cassie

Kiersten Hart said...

I have on of these and I love it!! They are so freakin cute!!

Miss you girlfriend!!! xo

Pam said...

You tell her! Love are just way to gorgeous!

bloggirl1019 said...

that last pic kills me! youre too pretty.