Sunday, October 3, 2010

{Change: Part 2}

Alright, Alright... here are some pics:

{No Bangs + my first experience with Swedish meatballs via Ikea}
Thanks Brit and Merek

{my new car: Betty (as dubbed my roomates)}

{My beautiful bed that encompasses two of my passions: reading and sleeping!}

{My (main) bookshelf and record player... sometimes I feel bad for my roomates and the people that live next to us (our walls are thin) because I forget that not everyone has a love for Billie Holiday and Champagne Tunes... woops}

{I really love the clock... it has a pendulum that ticks! Some people might find that annoying, but I quite like it. The repetitive click is comforting... like the noise of a fan}

{part of our family room and kitchen... that big armchair is the coveted seat in our house}

{My favorite part of the house: our record-cover grid wall. My roomates and I painted the wall blue (out of the blue) and went to Goodwill to pick up some colorful records. Along with a selection of some of our own covers, we eyeballed the grid and posted them up! Our living room is now colorful and complete}

{And about my major change... I'm so happy with my decision. I love my classes and the future this opens up for me}

So now I'm up to date (basically).



LaNae said...

Was this what was keeping you quiet during conference!! I love the wall in your apt--very straight lines!

Lauren said...

Chelsey! I love your hair and your record player!!

Brittany said...

I love our little house :)