Thursday, June 3, 2010

{May Happenings}

April 29th (Not technically May yet, but I don't really care)
I turned the big 2-o!
No longer in the "teens"

Next up on the agenda: Finals
(All A's this semester! Yay)

Disneyland came in between my B-day and finals... My friends and I had SO much fun! They are almost as big of Disneyland fanatics as I am!

{The 4 of us}

{Candid shot of the beauty that is a pineapple whip}

{Nothin better than a Disneyland Churro!}

Last but not least: Infusionsoft
The wonderful company that I am so excited to work for
full time

{The Reading Room}

{If a library can't be filled with books... then cereal is the next best alternative}
Just kidding... at Infusionsoft, they have an all-you-can-eat cereal buffet. Complete with milk, spoons and bowls. Seriously... it's like a dream come true!!!

My cubicle is under one of those tiki umbrellas... it's so much fun!!

(I know this post is lacking... next time will be better}


LaNae said...

I'm glad you love your job! Congratulations on straight A's!!!

Pam said...

You look amazing! We'll have to stop by when we visit :)

Anonymous said...

All you can eat cereal? Is this for real? If I had to eat one food the rest of my life, that's what it would be. Where is this place?!

Congrats on the good grades!!