Saturday, January 9, 2010

Simply Wonderful Weekend

The Lovely Lady Jamie Suzanne and I love going on bike rides (especially since she received a gorgeous pink cruiser for Christmas and I am still in love with my red one)

Even when it is 40 degrees outside
(an Arizona tragedy)

*And sometimes, we take pictures to show off our friendship

We rode all over town
Up and down the streets of our Gilbert bubble

And afterwards... we had Hot Chocolate in quaint little tea cups
to warm us up from the inside out

10 silly things you may (or may not) know about me:

1. I am a firm believer that one can never have enough shoes/pieces of jewelry/books/nail-polish colors/dreams
2. I desperately wish I could speak Fluent French (Someday I WILL learn)
3. I would give anything for {crazy} curly hair
4. Peter Pan pulls on my heartstrings because growing up scares me and I'm starting to realize how beautiful the minds of children are.
5. I write in cursive, and have done so since freshman year when I had a classy substitute teacher in my math class who's handwriting was so beautiful I vowed to to perfect mine
6. I like my fair skin
7. I DREAD my chores on saturday (family can attest) but LOVE when they're done and everything is in it's place
8. I miss dance more than anything else from High School
9. I love Shakespeare
10. My favorite features are my eyes because one is green and the other is blue

PS. Santa* was TOO good to me this year!!
{see image below}
It plays EVERYTHING: Records, Tapes, CDs and my iPod
It looks vintage with all the perks of today's technology
Santa* even gave me a matching stand that holds everything from my records to books (because heaven knows I need more room for my ever-growing collection... bahaha)
It sounds AMAZING

P.P.S. The Bangs are Back


Anonymous said...

Growing up was so scary to me. I dreaded moving from high school to real adult life. But I took one day at a time, one change at a time, one year at a time. I now find myself at 26 years old and loving my independant grown up life. You couldn't pay me money to go back to childhood. Take one day at a time, enjoy the changes and adventures life bring. One day you might surprise yourself like I did and come to realize that being an adult is much better than being a kid (even with all the stresses that adulthood brings!).

Love your blog. Happy New Year!
Kourtney Doty

Jamie Suzanne Lunt said...

EYE <3 (not heart, but love) Ur BaNgS!!!
I cannot fill my life with enough chels/james bikerides!

Caitlin said...

send santa* my way this december, shooooot.