Saturday, August 1, 2009

{Little Things}

I know, I know.... I'm bad at this blogging thing. Don't worry, [hopefully] I'll get better!

Anyways, the other day I came across a blog, Everyday Musings, where Miss Olivia posts beautiful lists of things that make her happy nearly every day. She calls them her {Today I Love} lists.  So, in tribute to her effort to help us see the beauty around us every day, I am going to take up the habit and post about things that make me happy!

Here Goes... the little things that have made me happy today:

*Writing stories on large construction paper for The 3 girls (my youngest sisters) and watching them get so excited when I tell them they get to color the pictures

*Freshly painted toes coupled with recently shaved legs :)

*Walking in on The 3 playing make-believe 

*Having my headbands turn out even cuter than I planned!
{PS... I'll be selling similar ones to earn a lil extra if anyone's interested}

*Realizing that my book collection has grown substantially
{3 Shelfs in my closet have already been crammed... So I've had to take over the bedside table as well... which is pictured below}

*Finally hanging the cute decorations that have been sitting on the floor for the past couple months...

*Cool-Whip Lite... need I say more??

*My Too-Faced lipstick in "Drop-Dead-Red" which I probably wear too often

*My beautiful dresser with it's colorful collection of acquired treasures scattered about
{sometimes it's not this messy}

*Using cheesy photoshop effects
{see above}

The End... Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


Pam said...

You are just so beautiful!

LaNae said...

I feel bad for always telling you to clean your dresser off! I love the princess stories!

m. estelle said...

lady! i posted a link in my side bar for more info about the t-shirts!


Busy Bee Lauren said...

I love happy lists! Yours is so so so cute!

I want a headband!

j.peri said...

those headbands are so cute!
I love them!
And i love the happy list. :)


AMBER said...

Love this post! Chels, time for an update!!! JK!! :)