Monday, June 1, 2009

Little Lady, Big Apple...

We're BAAAaaaacccckkkk! Back from New York, back from the lovely city where you  can see everything and anything within the boundaries of one small, fabulous island.   This long awaited- well planned out vaca lived up to, and surpassed our highest expectations!! We had so much fun, loved every exhausting minute, and were dying to go back as soon as we sat down on the plane to PHX.  Words can't do it justice, but I took many (probably too many, though I only posted a few) pictures that can show you just how spectacular it actually was...

Goodbye Phoenix, Hello New York!

The plane ride

Unpacking in our spacious room at the UN Millennium Plaza 

Yes people, this is the view we woke up to every morning...
we could also see the East River, a park below the United Nations us, etc. etc... it took our breath away.

Our first day on the town!

The closest subway station was Grand Central, about two blocks away from our hotel, the inside was beautiful with an arched celling painted blue while depicting the star constellations in a light gold.  

They also had the best bakery! We often stopped for fruit tarts and other goodies at this one...

The line for the Ferry to the Statue of Liberty was a lil longer than we expected, but luckily for us it was a warm, sunny day.  So we patiently waited in line while listening to the Jamaican men play any requested songs on their cool metal drum-things.

Yes, we were often silly and laughed whenever we felt the need
(the ferry ride over)

Lady Liberty

James and Court with NY's famous skyline

Trinity Church

Then we followed our feet (and my shady memory) to the Financial District!
We happened to find a nut stand on the way, Nuts for Nuts, they're everywhere and we soon had ourselves a new, pretty-much-harmless addiction.  ( I happen to be craving some right now. Don't judge, you would too if you had tried 'em.)

Oh Mr. President...

Every gals favorite jewelry store... wonder why it was on Wall St... Prices and Placement people

We were starving by lunch time and stopped at a deli for NY's infamous Paninis.

They have started construction on the new World Trade Center buildingS (there are 3)
Court and James are standing in front of a bus... which unfortunately happens to be covering the site...ugh

NY had a GIGANTIC Sephora, we fell in love

We went back to the hotel, got re-ready, put on our heels and headed out!

We couldn't wait for the clubs... so we made do with the elevator

But we still had PLENTY of energy left to heat up the dance floor and fight off creepsters at Webster Hall. (We got on the VIP list, no big deal...) 

I can't even begin to explain how much fun our night was

Well, maybe you can get the gist from the girls in this pic...

Saturday was lovely
Central Park was in full bloom 
(It's still spring there)

We rented us some bikes and headed out on what we thought would be a nice little meander through the park...

Instead, the "bike trail" we were told to take was surely meant for experts, unlike us, and this is what we ended up like...

Tired and Very Hungry

So we graciously returned the bikes, refused the nice offer to keep them for a little longer, and found ourselves a quaint little Upper-East-Side cafe, where we were purposefully oblivious to how underdressed, and underpaid we were...

The meals were to die for!

Saturday night we took the subway a couple blocks over to Times Square

We went to the Top of the Rock (on the roof of the Rockefeller) 

Where we saw THIS view...

On to Broadway and Times Square... So much to see!!

At the end of the night we were thoroughly exhausted.  So we bought ourselves some ice cream bars at a 24-hour deli near the Millennium and called it a night.

I wanted to show everyone how tired we were, so I decided to video capture the moment.  I try to say how we wanted to give our feet a rest, but can't get it out as I catch sight of Court's feet and start laughing hysterically.

Sunday was cold and windy. (we had no idea, hence the flowered sweaters and skirts...)
But the Metropolitan Art Museum was beautiful and inspiring.

(we couldn't pass us an opportunity to take a pic on "the steps of the MET")

They happened to be having a special fashion exhibit while we were there.  Famous designers had come together to put on a Fashion-Through-The-Ages type of deal.
It was probably our favorite part, and of course we each got ourselves a Mark Jacob's collectable T-shirt. 

Sunday evening we met up with some friends who happened to be staying on Long Island for the summer and took a carriage ride 'round Central Park.

(need I say more?)

Tuesday was our last day.
We woke up late to catch up on some much-needed beauty sleep.
Across the street was a highly-praised Italian restaurant which happened to be the 3rd best on the East Coast, so we were told, and soon found out.

It seriously felt as if we had walked right through the door to Italy.
The decorations were adorable, complete with fresh vases of flowers on every table.
And for those of you who know me well... this place had the best cheesecake i have EVER tasted
(that means this cheesecake was BEYOND incredible... just look at my face!)

With nothing really planned we headed to the coolest candy shop, Dylan's Candy Bar, and then back to Central Park where everyone was laying out and soaking up the sun (many stripping out of their business attire!)

So we joined them! (not with the stripping part)

Later that day we dressed up and headed out to see Phantom of the Opera at the Majestic Theatre. We love LOVED it, their voices were unbelievable!

We ate our final dinner at The Garage, a small, romantic restaurant that had a live Jazz Band playing and candles on the tables.

New York is an addiction, just ask my fellow addict 
and 3rd Grade teacher Mrs/Sister Nuttall.

I hope everyone gets the chance to experience it's magic!


LaNae said...

I am so glad you had a wonderful trip and so jealous I wasn't there--it must run in our blood to LOVE New York!

Andrea said...

what a great time! looks like you took advantage of every single moment. good for you!

Pam said...

Looks like you had a blast! Thanks for posting are beautiful!

Kjohnson said...

I feel the magic! I feel the magic! I love NY. May I just add that you guys look absolutely aorable in every picture? I love it. You guys belong there, you fit right in!